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The Bikini Foam Push-Ups are especially designed in a triangle shape made with lightweight foam. Push Up for for bikini or swimsuit, wedding and evening dresses.
Have you ever had the embarrassing moment where a cheeky nipple has been protruding through a top? It can make women self-aware and self-conscious and make them question what they are wearing.
Lift Up Form Tapes with Silicone Nipple Covers. Breasts will be lifted and prevents sagging breasts. The Nippless Covers will cover your nipples for an invisible look!
The Dress Tapes are made of 3M quality, 23mm by 82mm, wider than the average fashion tapes. These Tapes keep your dress on place. Skin and clothes friendly. 30 pcs per package.
The Betty Ball locks together securely and can simply be put into the washing machine with a full load of washing. To save time, you can even wash two bras inside the Betty Ball at the same time.
The Low Back Bra Straps make it possible to wear an open or low back clothing. The straps can be easily hooked to your own bra. Cross the straps forward and reattach them at the front.
Met het dragen van deze Breast-Free Body heb je direct een vlakke buik, een slanke taille en mooi gevormde billen. Een handige Body met kruis bevestiging, verstelbare bandjes en een katoenen kruisje.
The high-waist string panty of Julimex shapewear is a high waist slip that is completely invisible under your clothes while wearing. Provides a flat belly and waist ...
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Very comfortable sleep masks, blocks all light for a better sleep. Made with a soft cotton fits comfortably and does not slip away during sleep. Size: universal
The new Silicone beauty tool from Magic! From now on you can add your makeup spotless on your face, thanks to the Crystal Puff silicone beauty tool. Available in transparent or pink!
Lift Up Form Tapes with Silicone Nipple Covers. Breasts will be lifted and prevents sagging breasts. The Nippless Covers will cover your nipples for an invisible look!
The Magic Breast Tape lifts the breast for a perfect cleavage!. Comes with 2 sets in one pack, one set contains 4 breast tapes and 1 set Secret Covers. Hollywood secrets worn by celebrities!
Beautiful viscose top with long sleeves, nice and warm for the winter days. Perfect under your clothes or just to wear. Available in black or white with Free Shipping!
The perfect solution for hiding those extra pounds is found in this luxurious and elegant figure-adjusting shape wear. Super Control Brief, FREE Shipping!
Original Low Back Straps from Magic to create a Low Back with your own bra. Order them in black, white or skin color with FREE Deliveries world wide!
Low Back Bra Straps with 2 Hooks
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The Black Leather Dress Soleil is specially made ​​of ECO LEATHER and has a rugsluiting and a lace border at the bottom.
Do you want to try wearing those plunging necklines, but are not too sure how confident you would feel? The V-Bra helps you make the most of your figure. Due to the clever design, you get great support and a sculpting effect too.
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flattens abdomen • reduces waistline • soft natural breast shape • adjustable straps • cotton gusset
Sizes: S / M / L / XL Composition: Polyamide: 80% Elastane: 15% Cotton: 5%
The adhesive Bye Bra is THE solution to simply enhance female breasts without a bra. This Adhesive-Bra Bye from the USA is a must have for women, made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, making it possible to positi...
The Extra Silicone Push Up Pads provide an extra push up effect and give more volume to the breasts. The Push Up bra pads can be worn in every bra or swimsuit for almost a cup size more. FREE Shipping!
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With proper lingerie you indulge yourself. For a tempting figure starts with the basics. The Bodyfashion Store is specialized in order to get The best out of your body!
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