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Bra straps slipping off

Bra straps slipping off

Slipping bra straps? Most women have, at some point suffered from that eternal problem of their bra straps slipping off their shoulders. Constantly having to replace your strap only for it to fall back down a minute later, or being stopped in your tracks while trying to reach something by that rogue strap is so irritating. Why does it happen and what can be done about it.

Well you would think that the obvious course of action would be to tighten them. Maybe this would solve the problem but more often this leads to discomfort from sore, red marks on your shoulders or the back riding up too far. Could it be your body shape, do you have sloping shoulders, is this the culprit? Or are you broad or narrow across the shoulders or perhaps you have one bigger than the other. To help find the solution to your bra straps slipping off you should ensure that your bra fits correctly. Try different sizes and different styles until you have a good fit. Your cups could be too large, room in your cups can cause your straps to slip. It could be a simple a matter of taking a little extra time and care to put your bra on in the morning. Putting your arms through the straps, making sure you fill the cups, doing up the back and ensure the back strap is below your shoulder blades. Perhaps your bra is too big which of course would lead to your straps slipping. If you have a narrow frame try different styles to find one that has the straps in the right place for you, too close to your arms and it would be much more likely that the straps will slip. Don't feel that both straps need to be the same length, most women are slightly uneven in their size, so adjust until it feels right.

With all this in mind, if your bra otherwise fits well but your bra straps slipping off is still a problem then try one of the strap converters or cushions and finally put an end to slippage.

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