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The skin-colored Adhesive Bra with black lace is very light to wear and beautifully made with black lace over the cups to wear on special occasions. The skin colored bra with black lace of Julimex is available in cup sizes A, B, C and D
€24,99 €15,99
A solution is to buy a one that fits perfectly and yet has no back or straps. One such product is the patented Amazing Bra from Magic. They are made from 100 percent silicone..
A completely bare back and shoulders with the original Magic Beauty Backless Bra. The ideal solution for a bare back. Order easily and securely online with free shipping !
The adhesive Bye Bra is THE solution to simply enhance female breasts without a bra. This Adhesive-Bra Bye from the USA is a must have for women, made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, making it possible to positi...
The Adhesive-Bra with silicon covers is THE solution to simply enhance female breasts without a bra, made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, 3M...
The Magic Breast Tape lifts the breast for a perfect cleavage!. Comes with 2 sets in one pack, one set contains 4 breast tapes and 1 set Secret Covers. Hollywood secrets worn by celebrities!
The original Eve's Bra from Magic, the Backless Bra which you can easily stick-on to your breasts and is made out of a high quality silicon. FREE Shipments worldwide!
This Adhesive Bra Freedom provides a comfortable support to the breasts and can also be worn in a bra. Lift and support the breasts.
The Hollywood Wing Bra is a seamless strapless bra with two fixed smooth molded cups which have a sticky inside. Thanks to extra wings that stick to the skin, the bra is a strapless backless bra in a balconette model.
€39,99 €32,95
Lift Up Form Tapes with Silicone Nipple Covers. Breasts will be lifted and prevents sagging breasts. The Nippless Covers will cover your nipples for an invisible look!
Original Lift Solution from Magic lifting the breasts for a younger natural look! Order the 2 sets Lift Up Form Tapes and 2 sets Secret Covers without shipping costs!
The Bye Bra tapes with dark silk nipple covers!... a simple solution for a quick lift of the female breasts without the need for surgery, or even a bra!
During the summer you often wear backless, strapless and halter dresses. Not only for the weather, but also for a nice look, but offcourse these dresses do only look good if you wear the right bra underneath.
The Lift Bra cups are 2 silicone adhesive cups which creates a breast lift without necessary surgery. Place the cups on the chest and lift it up to create the desired effect.
The Low Plunge Bra of Magic has a perfect adhesive layer on the inside and can be worn backless with a low U-shape at the front!
Dare to wear your deepest cut low-back outfit with this Lace Wing Bra from magic....consists of two fixed cups with adhesive on inside...has additional support wings that adhere to the skin for extra bust support...Balconette-syle bra made out of a l...
€44,99 €39,99
The Perfect Cleavage Tape for V-neck, cross-strap and Deep-V dresses. The tape lifts the breasts from the side and gives a boost to your cleavage. Free Shipping!
The Sticky Bra ensures that you have no more sagging breasts while no bra worn. Slice bra consists of a thin supporting good adhesive of silicone with a center lock.
Very light Self adhesive bra covered with fabric, perfect under lace clothing. Specially molded foam cups which have an extra push-up. The cups lift up and increase the breast volume.
The bra that stays in place and does not slip! Transparent straps provide more confidence and comfort. The Silicone bra that prefect stays in place thanks to the transparent silicone straps offer more comfort and confidence.
The Silicone self adhesive bra stays perfectly in place and is invisible under clothes. The front-fastening gives a push-up effect and cups increase the breast volume.

Want to dress to perfection and worried about the bra strap ruining the look of your special backless gown? Want a pure natural look? Tired of hooking and unclasping bras repeatedly? Tired of fiddling with straps for a comfortable fit? Weary of wet and sticky bras when you get into the water? Standard size bras not fitting your breasts properly? Want to act a super hot scene without fully stripping down? Adhesive bras from Body Fashion Store are the answer to all these situations.

Adhesive bras support the breasts just as ordinary bras do, but remain invisible to the onlookers, making it the perfect accessory for a strapless or revealing dress. These bras actually go beyond the functions of an ordinary bra, helping to enhance the cleavage, and provide a perfect shape to the breasts.

Even without such benefits, adhesive bras may be a better option to ordinary bras, considering that they are soft, easy to wear, and comfortable. Simply attach the individual bra cups to the skin, ensure that they are in a comfortable position, and join the two cups together with a convenient front-clip. These bras stay on securely, thanks to the special medicinal purpose adhesive at the bottom of these bras. The reusable adhesive makes it possible to remove, reuse, and reposition these bras as many times as required. Easy maintenance is an added plus.

Adhesive strapless bras come in many styles and variants - invisible bras that sets the temperature soaring, lift bras that add perfect shape to the breast, silver bra with lace that absolutely wows the onlookers, self adhesive cups that provides a fabulous seam free push-up effect, sticky bra that offers the perfect lift and support, silicone bras to enlarge the breasts, and many more variants.

Body Fashion Store stocks a wide variety of bras from leading brands such as ByeBra, Gorteks, Julimex, Magic, and New Life Lady. Needless to say, all these bras come in varying sizes to suit any breast. Choose from a wide range of stylish and comfortable adhesive strapless bras available at Body Fashion Store, for unlimited support, fun, and youthful effect.

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