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The Bikini Foam Push-Ups are especially designed in a triangle shape made with lightweight foam. Push Up for for bikini or swimsuit, wedding and evening dresses.
Foam Push Ups Bikinis in triangle shape special to wear. In a bikini Very light in weight but with the desired push-up effect.
Swim Pads specially in your bikini! Silicone push up pads with adhesive which can be stuck to the skin and where you can swim with. For multiple use.
This Body of Plie has filled Foam Cups, creates a flatter stomach, reduces waistline and forms the buttocks. With cotton gusset and cross confirmation.
The super lightweight silicone pads in a cashew shape provide a subtle push-up effect. When worn, you have a nice cleavage-and they are suitable for in any bra. FREE SHIPMENT!
The Extra Silicone Push Up Pads provide an extra push up effect and give more volume to the breasts. The Push Up bra pads can be worn in every bra or swimsuit for almost a cup size more. FREE Shipping!
€29,99 €24,99
Bra pads made ​​of foam. These Foam Cups can be easily sewed in any type of garment. Order the Foam Cups in black, beige or white.
Made of elastic foam fabric, ideal to enhance the bust. The Foam Push Ups can be ordered in white and black in cupsize A,B,C
The Foam pads give a push-up effect and shape to your breasts. The beauty of natural curves can be a great confidence booster for a woman although not everyone can boast that they have these.
The Full Cup Foam pads from Julimex provide a fuller cleavage and can easily be sewn into any garment because they are made from foam material . Order in white or skin color in the cup sizes A, B , C.
€14,99 €12,99
Push Up Pads filled with gel for a natural look. These pads can be put in a bra with an inlay piece. Comfortable and easy to wear.
The Luxury Lace Half Cup Bra offers a amazing lift around the breast with under wire. Show your confident with elegant sexy half cup luxury bra. Elegant design with lace in surface of bra.
€29,99 €9,99
The Silicone pads give maximum push-up effect, where a significant increase is desired, these silicone pads give the most effect.
The Medium Push-Up pads of Julimex are made ​​of skin-friendly silicone, gives you that little extra push up effect often desired by women.
Mini Push Up Pads from Julimex. This pocket-sized silicone pads are placed in the bra cups for a small push up effect. Made of 97% silicone and 3% polyurethane. This universal size is suitable for average cupsizes.
Modeling silicone pads from Julimex provide a small increase in breast size, thanks to a special curve in the push up pad it is perfectly for the shape of each breast. 1 pair in a box in one size.
The Push Up Bra Pads from New Life Lady have a curve-like shape and can be worn in swimsuits or bra for fuller cleavage. Made of soft silicone.
€19,99 €17,99
These super-soft breast enhancers slip easily into your bra or swimsuit, giving a new meaning to the term “Super-size me!”
The Curves Push Up Pads are made from clear translucent silicone and provide good support in every bra. Gives a perfect push up both the side and from below.
€19,99 €17,99
The Full Cup Bra Refills are the ideal push ups like a pretty big increase in breast size is desired. The bra pads give a full cup size more each bra cup. FREE Shipment worldwide.
Original Silicone Half Cups from Magic for beautiful full breasts...provide a half cup increase. Lowest price and FREE Shipments worldwide.
A stunning cleavage in a few seconds with the Silicone Ultra Light from Magic! With the lowest online price guaranteed and FREE Shipment worldwide!
The Push Up Bikini Pads can be worn in a bikini or swimsuit. The Push Ups are made of a skin-friendly foam that forms to the breasts and takes up the body temperature.
The Sticky Foam Push Up Pads are extremely light and comfortable to wear and can easily be pasted into any bra or bathing suit in order to create. A beautiful bust line
Bra Cups to Enhance Your Natural Curves
Any woman can make the most of her natural beauty by enhancing her shape and our bra cups are the perfect choice for creation a natural and full bustline, giving the support and curves every woman craves.

Augmenting the size and shape of the breast with plastic surgery is not the only option for creating the full cleavage many women desire and bra cups are a perfect choice for swimsuits, any lingerie and can even be sewn or placed inside the type of garment that makes it impossible to wear a traditional bra.

Cups or pads are fabricated from a variety of materials including soft, comfortable foam or silicone, some pads feature a gel interior giving a natural appearance to the breast. Our pads are available in a range of colours to suit the clothing worn at the time and it's a simple matter to wash and rinse pads each night so they're fresh and clean to wear next day.

No matter what size or shape of breast these bra pads are comfortable so whether a woman has small breasts and hopes to achieve a larger cup size with a fantastic cleavage for a night out or if she has larger boobs and is looking for a supportive and boosting add-on to give extra curves and femininity these bra pads will prove an excellent choice.

Our ultra light bra pad is a perfect and unobtrusive choice for women who wish to retain their feminine shape while at the beach or swimming. The light silicone push up pads fit inside any swimsuit and are a neutral ecru shade, so will not be noticed. These push up bra pads come in one universal size and will mould to the shape of any lady, creating the kind of look every woman wants when she's out to stun loungers at the beach or by the pool.

Check out our bra cups and we're sure you'll be impressed by the options available to help you keep your body looking perfect all year round.

Bra cups
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