Low back solutions

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The perfect bra to lift your breastst for a younger and natural look. This ByeBra comes with a pair of extra silky silicone patches. The silicone patches you rinse after use with hot water, let it dry and use it again.
The adhesive Bye Bra is THE solution to simply enhance female breasts without a bra. This Adhesive-Bra Bye from the USA is a must have for women, made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, making it possible to positi...
The Adhesive-Bra with silicon covers is THE solution to simply enhance female breasts without a bra, made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, 3M...
Lift All Up Strips
The Lift Bra cups are 2 silicone adhesive cups which creates a breast lift without necessary surgery. Place the cups on the chest and lift it up to create the desired effect.
The Low Back Bra Straps make it possible to wear an open or low back clothing. The straps can be easily hooked to your own bra. Cross the straps forward and reattach them at the front.
Easy and effective solution to convert back closure bra to a low back bra, suits to all types of bras. Allows you to wear favourite bra under clothes with deep back cut.
Low Back Bra Straps with 2 Hooks
Original Low Back Straps from Magic to create a Low Back with your own bra. Order them in black, white or skin color with FREE Deliveries world wide!
The Self adhesive Push Up Strips in Skin color provide an immediately revitalizing effect by supporng breasts like a normal bra. Tested for sensitivity or allergies,
proven to be safe and skin-friendly but not useful for sensitive skin.
The Sticky Bra ensures that you have no more sagging breasts while no bra worn. Slice bra consists of a thin supporting good adhesive of silicone with a center lock.
The Self adhesive Lift Up Strips lift and support the breasts. The skin-friendly strips are made from fabric that breathes. Two pairs of strips are provided per package.
The bra that stays in place and does not slip! Transparent straps provide more confidence and comfort. The Silicone bra that prefect stays in place thanks to the transparent silicone straps offer more comfort and confidence.
Sexy Silicone Bra Straps with 1 hook. Whether we would like to dress in a cute summer top playfully revealing sun-kissed shoulders, a carefree wide-neck boho blouse or a splendid evening gown with sculpted silhouette and beautifully uncovered back, v...
The Silicone self adhesive bra stays perfectly in place and is invisible under clothes. The front-fastening gives a push-up effect and cups increase the breast volume.
The Strapless Backless Invisible Bra from Gorteks is made of skin-friendly silicone and can be sticked on the breasts and closed on the front. Lets you create an attractive push up effect. Available in cup sizes A, B, C or D.
The choice of color collection for the Strapless Leopard Bra are perfectly done by our specialists to bring out the desired color that is liked by many women. Our bra color sampling includes the bright colors and the dull color collection.
€39,99 €19,99
Very light white adhesive bra without straps. The specially shaped foam cups give an extra push-up effect and increases breast volume. Can be handwashed, dry and used again and again. Cup sizes : A, B, C , D.
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