Bra Straps

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Transparent bra straps of 4mm. Supplied with 1 pair in a pack of brand Gorteks.
Transparent bra straps of 6mm. Supplied with 1 pair in a pack of brand Julimex. Made of 100% skin-friendly silicone. Worldwide FREE Shipments!
Transparent bra straps of 8mm. Supplied with 1 pair in a pack of brand Julimex. Made of 100% skin-friendly silicone.
Black Bra Straps from Julimex. Order them in 6, 10, 12, 14 and 18mm wide. Easy to hook to your bra. No shipping costs and discreetly delivered!
The Bra Reducer from Julimex reduces the back band from the bra when it became too loose. A very handy solution for women because you can attach them to any bra hooks.
The Bra strap holder helps your bra straps stay in place and prevents sliding down your shoulders, bra straps are no longer visible with stylish cut-outs. Gives opportunity to discreetly hide straps. With lenght regulation.
Transparent bra straps of 10mm. Supplied with 1 pair in a pack of brand Julimex. Made of 100% skin-friendly silicone.
Transparent bra straps of 12mm. Supplied with 1 pair in a pack of brand Julimex. Made of 100% skin-friendly silicone
The Bra Straps Clip is easy to use and can be worn flat against the body, making it completely invisible under clothing. Now you can wear the bra straps on the back and cross them to the middle so you can wear Sleeveless garments! Available in black,...
“Pssst. Your bra strap is showing.” That’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re in front of 200 people giving a business presentation, or when prom pictures come back with that tell-tale elastic peeking out for all eternity. Secret No. 3, Holl...
The Clear Bra Straps are silicone bra straps that can be worn when hiding bra straps required. Can be hooked to any bra!
NEW! With the Magic Comfort Bra Straps 38BS can you prevent red and sore shoulders. Just replace the straps of your bra this comfortable adjustable straps. The shoulder straps have a cushion. This way you give your shoulders a little rest. Select col...
The Slip Bra Pads are a very simple solution to an everyday problem. Non-slip silicone prevents the straps of the bra descend.
Decollete Straps from Julimex with one strip. Order them in black or white!
Original Long Bra Extender from Julimex. 2 hooks with 3 positions, stretchy, adjustable length, fit for most size bras. The Bra Hook Extender will increase the length of your bra band for added inches of comfort. Hook and eye design, easy to use.
With the Magic Bra Straps you change your bra into a T-Back Bra. Simply attach to the straps on the back and ready! You always have a tape in the color of your bra because there are three straps in black, white and skin in a box.
Replace regular bra straps with these Invisible Bra Straps, which makes for a more sexy and natural look when wearing clothing with bare shoulders.
Invisible bra straps manage to continue to give you full support, whilst ensuring that your strapless outfit stays exactly that - strapless! These are an absolute must for anyone who wants to bare their shoulders this Summer!
The Silicone Shoulder pads provide a simple solution to a common problem of sliding off shoulder straps. Silicone shoulder pads also prevent the painful pressure from bra
straps on the shoulders.
White bra straps from Julimex available in 6, 10, 12, 14 or 18mm width. Sending free and discreetly!

Innovative Products to Make Bra StrapsMore Suitable A bra is an essential garment for any women and most want them to be comfortable and pretty. There are accessory items that can be used to achieve this, with some of our clever bra straps products including the following.

The thinner straps of a standard bra can cut into your shoulders and there are a number of products that can help avoid this.

  • Comfort Straps are wider strips of padded fabric. These can simply be fitted to a bra to replace the original straps, with the wider thickness and padding making them more comfortable to wear.
  • Shoulder Savers are small cushioned pads that slip underneath the straps of a bra to stop them cutting in to your skin and ease pressure on shoulders.
  • Non-Slip Bra Pads are also designed to slip under shoulder straps to stop them slipping down and making a bra uncomfortable to wear.

A normal bra that has straps over the shoulder and across the back is not the best option for many clothing styles and there are adjustment accessories that can help with this.

  • Off-the-shoulder clothing will reveal the straps of a bra and Clear Bra Straps are a solution for this. These are made of transparent material that becomes almost invisible when worn so they cannot be seen against bare shoulders. They come in a number of thicknesses and make the look of off-the-shoulder dresses or tops prettier.
  • A Bra Strap Clip is used to pull the two shoulder straps towards the middle of the back so they cannot be seen when worn with garments such as vest tops.
  • A Low Back Converter is an adjustment strap that can be used to make a standard bra suitable to wear with backless clothing.

There is no need to just stick with the style of a bra once purchased and our range of accessories can make it more comfortable to wear or more suitable for your clothing choice. So browse our collection and find the best product to suit your needs.

Bra Straps

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