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Black shoulder pads for nice looking shoulders!
Bra wallet in skin color that can be put into your bra! Cute and discreet, it's just large enough to hold a key, license, credit card and a little bit of cash.
The perfect bra to lift your breastst for a younger and natural look. This ByeBra comes with a pair of extra silky silicone patches. The silicone patches you rinse after use with hot water, let it dry and use it again.
The adhesive Bye Bra is THE solution to simply enhance female breasts without a bra. This Adhesive-Bra Bye from the USA is a must have for women, made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, making it possible to positi...
The Adhesive-Bra with silicon covers is THE solution to simply enhance female breasts without a bra, made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, 3M...
Dark Silicone Nipple Covers from Bye Bra. Ensure that your nipples in dresses, T-shirts, sportswear and even bathing suits are not visible and protect it from the sun and during sports. Free Shipping!
€12,99 €9,99
Dark Silk Nipple Covers from Bye Bra made of the best quality there is. The nipple covers are made from a adhesive with silk on top. FREE Worldwide shipping!
The Dress Tapes are made of 3M quality, 23mm by 82mm, wider than the average fashion tapes. These Tapes keep your dress on place. Skin and clothes friendly. 30 pcs per package.
The Bye Bra tapes with dark silk nipple covers!... a simple solution for a quick lift of the female breasts without the need for surgery, or even a bra!
2 pieces Low Back Straps in skin and camel, 2 hook model.
The Perfect Cleavage Tape for V-neck, cross-strap and Deep-V dresses. The tape lifts the breasts from the side and gives a boost to your cleavage. Free Shipping!
These are the Bye Bra reusable silicone nipple covers. Best silicone nipple covers today, tested by SGS. The Nipple Covers are a combination of a solid back with a soft front.
The silky nipple covers from Bye Bra prevent your nipples to be visible under your clothes, and also have a protective function. The covers are smooth as silk and thus virtually invisible and very comfortable when worn.
Skin Shoulderpads by Bya Bra to create a perfect fit under any outfit. FREE and discreet shipping!
The Bye Bra is a solution to quickly and effectively enhance female breast without a scalpel and bra. Bye Bra is very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, with which it is possible to position the nipples up to several centimeters, or to make corrections - if a woman has a different height of the breast and troubled her. The Bye Bra can lift the breasts, however, is not only a function of breastslifting. It also significantly raises self-esteem and mood of the wearer. Taking not only the feeling of a more attractive appearance, but also allows a number of clothes to wear, which unnecessarily would stay in wardrobes. Bye Bra also solidifies breasts slightly, while they are fee to move under the textiles. The Bye Bra will contain the natural movement of the breasts.

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