Breast Lift options

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A solution is to buy a one that fits perfectly and yet has no back or straps. One such product is the patented Amazing Bra from Magic. They are made from 100 percent silicone..
The perfect bra to lift your breastst for a younger and natural look. This ByeBra comes with a pair of extra silky silicone patches. The silicone patches you rinse after use with hot water, let it dry and use it again.
The Hollywood Breast Lift Tape attaches to the top of your breast and provides immediate lifting action. Its thin yet powerful adhesive material is hypoallergenic and as good as invisible, giving you maximum effect at no aesthetic expense.
The adhesive Bye Bra is THE solution to simply enhance female breasts without a bra. This Adhesive-Bra Bye from the USA is a must have for women, made of very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, making it possible to positi...
This Adhesive Bra Freedom provides a comfortable support to the breasts and can also be worn in a bra. Lift and support the breasts.
Lift All Up Strips
Lift Up Form Tapes with Silicone Nipple Covers. Breasts will be lifted and prevents sagging breasts. The Nippless Covers will cover your nipples for an invisible look!
Original Lift Solution from Magic lifting the breasts for a younger natural look! Order the 2 sets Lift Up Form Tapes and 2 sets Secret Covers without shipping costs!
The Bye Bra tapes with dark silk nipple covers!... a simple solution for a quick lift of the female breasts without the need for surgery, or even a bra!
During the summer you often wear backless, strapless and halter dresses. Not only for the weather, but also for a nice look, but offcourse these dresses do only look good if you wear the right bra underneath.
The Lift Bra cups are 2 silicone adhesive cups which creates a breast lift without necessary surgery. Place the cups on the chest and lift it up to create the desired effect.
The Lifting Silicone Push Ups of Julimex ensure that the breasts get one lifting effect when wearing in bra. The Lifting Silicone Push Ups of Julimex can be ordered in color nude and are made of 100% silicone.
The Perfect Cleavage Tape for V-neck, cross-strap and Deep-V dresses. The tape lifts the breasts from the side and gives a boost to your cleavage. Free Shipping!
The Self adhesive Push Up Strips in Skin color provide an immediately revitalizing effect by supporng breasts like a normal bra. Tested for sensitivity or allergies,
proven to be safe and skin-friendly but not useful for sensitive skin.
The Sticky Bra ensures that you have no more sagging breasts while no bra worn. Slice bra consists of a thin supporting good adhesive of silicone with a center lock.
Very light Self adhesive bra covered with fabric, perfect under lace clothing. Specially molded foam cups which have an extra push-up. The cups lift up and increase the breast volume.
The Self adhesive Lift Up Strips lift and support the breasts. The skin-friendly strips are made from fabric that breathes. Two pairs of strips are provided per package.
Self Adhesive Push Up Pads from Julimex. Stick these silicone cups to the breasts and then lift them up. Allows you to get rid of sagging breasts, and you can create a fuller cleavage! Full round breasts.
Breast Lift Problem-Solvers
Every so often women may need a bit of support to make their clothes work to full potential and function seamlessly. Take for instance the summer dresses and tops. They can be such cute and pretty creations, with their light, breezy fabrics, sunny colours and cuts that allow delicate hints of cleavage, waist, shoulders, hips. However they can present a problem: how to combine their best features with wearabilty? How to get rid of unattractive bra straps on a low cut or strapless outfit? Think of a chic top with plunging neckline or glamorous backless evening gown that absolutely excludes the possibility of any visible bra. How to combine a perky silhouette with revealing attire if we can't use the conventional bra - the undergarment we rely on so heavily to streamline, cover, support and keep in place the bust? This is where the Breast Lift products come into play.

Breast Lift options allow a bust lift and smooth adjustment under any fabric or design to create an even strapless or backless solution. They ensure that you are able to use safely any piece of clothing to a maximum effect. No matter how translucent the fabric, how low the neck line, how exposed the neck and the shoulders, these solutions provide full support, cover and comfort while remaining fully concealed and undetectable under your clothing. They create a complete confidence to pull out any outfit with easy grace and style.

The push-up strips are one of the most often used Breast Lift inventions. Made of breathable material, they are easy to apply and provide a good, yet gentle level of under-prop for the breasts. The silicone self-adhesive bras and self-adhesive push-up pads are other extremely useful items - they enhance the figure by creating a push-up effect, add volume and shape the bust beautifully while keeping it in place with natural and smooth effect. The lift bra is another invaluable piece of design for anyone who has ever struggled with wearing tube tops, tank tops, halternecks or cut out dresses. Made by spandex and nylon it holds the bust in place beneath and creates a sexy, flattering line above.

Breast Lift
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