Many women dream of having a svelte body and being able to fit into their favorite outfits effortlessly.  However, not everyone is born with an hourglass figure. This is where shapewear comes in. This amazing undergarment is not for reshaping the body but rather enhances the natural figure to make a woman look and feel her best. While it cannot permanently shape the body, it can certainly help with smoothing out any lumps and bumps on the body and create a slimmer and a shapelier body. Not only will you be able to have an eye-catching slimmer figure, with the right shapewear, you can carry yourself confidently.

A woman’s lingerie closet is stocked with all kinds of comfortable bras and underwear, but it should also be filled with shapewear to get those curves under control. Nowadays, wholesale shapewear for women comes in all sizes, designs, colors and cuts. There is something for everyone no matter the occasion. If you are shopping for one and not sure which ones suit your needs like what to wear if you want to slim the waist or offer tummy control, well do scroll ahead for the must-have pieces.

Shapewear Shorts

If you want to shape your thighs, rear and hips as well as the extra emphasis on the stomach area, then this high-rise mid-thigh pant is the ideal shapewear.  Its high-rise waist and hook and eye closure are designed to get rid of muffin tops and firm the midsection. It also features two removable hip pads for enhancing the derriere. This butt lifter panty short will smooth and can be worn all day.

Shapewear Briefs

If you want a shapewear for tummy control but do not need thigh slimming, this high-rise brief has firm compression around the tummy and hooks to help keep it in place. It is designed to smooth bulges and create the illusion of hourglass curves.

Sculpting Full Body Shaper

This full-body shaper works to smooth your core and at the same time, shape and lift your butt as well as support your chest. Its seamless construction helps to hide any unflattering lines. The mid-thigh design will hold in your core and upper thighs. This all-in-one shapewear enhances your natural curves rather than flattening. Available in a variety of colors.

Waist trainers or Waist Cinchers

A waist trainer is worn around the waist to hide excess fat and gives a flatter midsection. You can also wear a waist trainer to complement your workout routine.

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